Josef Penias

“White peaks and snowy plains – right here I have a feeling of freedom and immediate joy! Feel the strength of the mountains around you, whether you are on a slopes or in the open terrain. And when you have a snowboard or skis on your feet, it makes the feeling even more exciting. ”

I am devoted to skiing from my early age, as well as to snowboarding, which I learned few years later and immediately got me with its freedom. And so I kept winter as much as possible on the summits of Bohemia, Moravia and all of Central Europe. I always like to share my knowledge and experience with people around me. That is why I decided a few years ago to devote more intensively to the transfer of skills and knowledge on snowboarding and skiing on a professional level. I started spending the entire winter season in the mountains, where I deal with expanding my horizons in all directions associated with snowboarding, skiing and moving around the mountains in general. I worked for the first season at the JPK Harrachov Ski School as a snowboard and ski instructor. I went through many skiing courses, starting with skiing … The next winter I combined the atmosphere of the Czech mountains with Austrian. Now you can meet me at the beginning of the winter season in the Giant Mountains, especially in Harrachov, and from the second half of winter again in the Austrian Alps, in the Lungau region (Taura Mountains).

Let’s discover the beauty of snowboarding and skiing together!

Professional experience: JPK Ski School Harrachov, Schneesportschule Falkensteiner “Katsberghöhe”, Smarty Skischule Mauterndorf

License: APUL Snowboard instructor level “C”, APUL Ski instructor level “D” + “C”


Myslbekova 1595
Mob.: 777 888 999